Our businessCorporate patentR&D

We produce wide range of “None of the other products Eby combining various technologies together. We support one-stop development from Software/Hardware combined platform (infrastructure) to mechanical and housing components to meet our customer’s needs. We also provide proposals and consulting of products considering production including quality control when building a platform.

Delivering entrusted development in“Project”units

By forming close partnerships with manufactures (Mainly domestic) of electronics, IT products and automobiles, we perform entrusted development in new products from the development stage. We are capable of delivering one stop solution, from determining the specification of the product from the customers idea to hardware/software, mechanical design, prototyping, quality evaluation and finally, production.

Capability of developing “None of the other Eproducts

We develop various products under the companies motto : “Design new products using advanced technology and none of the other ideas E. We receive inquiry’s from our customers(mainly manufacturers), and conduct ”Planning/Design/Development E ”Mass production design/Prototyping Eand ”Quality maintaining E We especially specialize in developing new products from the scratch level, right from our customers imaginations and ideas.

"Development support" to developing our own brand

Currently our main domain is “Supporting the development needs Eof our customers, but in addition to aiming to a higher level in entrustment development, we will be aiming for developing high quality products of our own brand using the technology we have obtained. We have been seeking the possibility by the products which already has been launched such as the examination devices and wireless products, and will continue to pursuit developing products of our own brand.

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