Remote engine starter

Remote engine starter consisting of a transmitter unit, antenna unit and receiver unit. Transmission range is up to 0.5~1KM in an environment surrounded by buildings, and the maximum transmission range in an open space is up to 4.2KM.

※Can be mounted on vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, DC12V power supply, and negative ground

Transmitter unit

Power supplyDC6V(Battery powered)
Battery lifetimeMore than one year (when used twice a day)
DurabilityMore than 10,000 times of use
Unit dimensionsW35mm×L70mm×H14mm

Antenna unit

Power supplyDC12V(Vehicle Battery Power)
Communication methodSimplex method (interactive)
Standby current2mA or less(During normal standby)
Unit dimensionsW156mm×L24mm×H29mm

Receiver unit

Power supplyDC12V(Vehicle Battery Power)
Communication methodUnidirectional
Output500uV/m or less(3m)
Standby current1mA or less(During normal standby)
Unit dimensionsW63.1mm×L29mm×H39mm

Vehicle sensor

A device that warns the driver about objects around the vehicle using sensors to detect obstacles. By adopting an auto-set switch, the device is possible to remember the current environment surrounding the vehicle and sensor information thus making more accurate settings automatically. The auto-set switch also features the ability to store the current speed, then turn the warning LED sensor off when the speed is over the stored value. The output volume can be changed by using a volume switch.

※Can be mounted on vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, DC24V/DC12V power supply, and negative ground.

Display unit

Power supplyDC24V/DC12V
Unit dimensionsW160mm×L80mm×H56mm
Wight320g(Accessories not included)

Connection unit

Power supplyDC24V/DC12V
Unit dimensionsW205mm×L99mm×H72mm
Wight400g(Accessories not included)

Sensor unit

Power supplyDC24V/DC12V
Unit dimensionsW50mm×L100mm×H67mm
Wight186g(per unit, Accessories not included)
Performance1.Detectable angle
 Approx 80°
2.Detectable range
 Approx 0.4m~2m

Automotive navigation system

Hybrid positioning type using GPS、Gyro and Speed pulse signals. Supports map matching feature (Automatically adjusts the vehicle position in map). Equipped with self-learning feature to increase the accuracy by determining the driving conditions, precision of distance and angle.

Display unit

Power supplyDC12V(Vehicle Battery Power)
Power consumptionApprox 1A
Video outputNTSC signal
Unit dimensionsW220mm×L60mm×H160mm

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