Board examination jig

The image shown on the right is an example of our jig for the remote engine starter. We are capable of designing a board examination jig to meet your specifications. The following is the outline of operation of the jig.

Operation outline

■Provide signals from PC to JIG(Power、Test signals)
■Signals return from JIG to PC(Test results)
■Analyze and display, recorded data on the PC

I2C analyzer

Device that sets up and sends / receives data to the device via I2C interface. Debugging devices in the development stage can be done in a more efficient manner by using this device. The device can operate on batteries and is compact, making the device easily portable.

※I2C…Communication protocol to interface devices

Product nameI2C-Commander
Serial No.FH-7730
Function・Master mode
 The devices is used as a master device on the I2C bus.
 Can be used to set up I2C devices
・Slave mode
 The device is used as a slave device on the I2C bus.  
 Can be used to feed back random data to the I2C master device.
Supported speed100KHz ~ 400KHz
Power supply5V DC (AC adaptor/4 AA batteries)
External inputRS-232C(Dsub 9pin)
Prob connectorI2C connector(SLA, SCA, GND)
External power supplyExternal power input jack(DC 5V)
Unit dimensionsW126mm×H50mm×L186mm
AccessoriesMain unit、I2C connection prob、Manual5V AC adaptor

DIMM checker

Device that performs examination of 4 memories simultaneously. Provides user friendly interface via LCD menu. The results are instantly displayed through the LED, and the place of defect is displayed on the LCD. It is also possible to send and store the results on the PC. By changing the sockets, it is possible to test various types of memory, including SIMM, flash, memory card (Option).

Supported memory capacity8M ~ 64M
Access time60ns ~ 120ns
Check entryOver current test、Refreashing, bus check,
Control line check、EEPROM check
Supported voltages3.3V、5V
Examination time32MB(Approx. 55sec)
Data accessNormal、Fast page mode、EDO mode
Unit dimensionsW330mm×H155mm×L450mm

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